Your skin health decisions today can drastically influence how your skin will look and feel tomorrow. For healthy skin, you need to find the right routine and the right products to provide your skin with the daily support that it deserves. In this article, we will break down common do’s and don’ts—and recommend six products to help you get started with your new routine!

Do: Choose Products for Sensitive Skin

Many people make the assumption that products for sensitive skin can only be used by those with extremely sensitive skin. This really isn’t the case. A good gentle cleanser and moisturizer combination is great for keeping skin clean and clear without exposing your skin to too many ingredients. You can give your skin the ultimate boost with soothing and refreshing cleansers, like the NU Face Gelly Cleanser.

Don’t: Use Harsh Cleansers

Not all cleansers are made equally. In fact, many popular cleansers are filled with chemicals that can do more harm than good for your skin. Even cleansers that market themselves like natural products still have stripping chemicals that can hurt your skin. Instead of using a cleanser that will strip away your skin’s natural oils, opt for something gentle and effective, like the NU U Cleansing balm. This cleanser can tackle everything from waterproof makeup to simple sweat.

Do: Use a Natural Toner

Toner can add an additional layer of cleaning to any skincare routine. Pairing a good natural cleanser with a good natural toner can leave your pores clean—but not damaged. The best toners will also offer a level of hydration, restoring some of what can be stripped away during rigorous washing. The NU Renu Toner is designed to increase hydration, smooth and soothe, and give your skin a huge health boost.

Don’t: Skip the Sunscreen

Your skin is a crucial part of your body—and not just because it looks nice. Our skin acts as a constant barrier against wind, temperature changes, and sometimes physical damage. Few things are more damaging to the skin than the sun, which is why you must embrace sun protection. The Nu Shyne Sunscreen offers 50+ SPF protection, so your skin is ready to face that sweet sunshine!

Do: Use a Good Serum

If you follow skincare influencers or celebrities, you will note that a lot of them use different serums. Depending on what kind of serum a person uses, their skin can receive different benefits. Choosing your first serum can feel like a huge choice given all the options. Your best bet is to choose something like the NU Skyn Serum, which is an all-purpose serum designed to create brighter, hydrated skin.

Don’t: Underestimate the Power of a Good Moisturizer

When you’re using a bunch of other hydrating products, you might find yourself wondering if a moisturizer is even necessary. The simple truth: it absolutely is. Without that moisturizing barrier, your other products might not be as effective. Moisturizers can help your skin to absorb good products and nourish your skin at the same time. The NU Feel Moisturizer is a great standard moisturizer that also offers sun protection, so you can enjoy clear and vibrant skin every day!

August 13, 2022 — Admin Nu2u Skincare